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An odd thing about the Society bottle is that we don't mention the distillery – or not in so many words. A number rather than a name denotes each distillery. This is because the curious nature of single cask, single malt whisky means the tastes are often not characteristic of the region it comes from.

We prefer to describe each whisky bottling with its own unique whisky tasting note. The often maverick and adventurous Tasting Panel have created the whisky tasting notes to capture your imagination as you delve into an unparalleled record of single cask bottlings from over 120 distilleries.

Discover more about Society whisky by browsing our bottlings or find out about Scotland's whisky regions by visiting our distillery profiles.

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"...a grin without a cat! its the most curious thing I ever saw in all my life."
Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

We believe that whisky without good Society is like a cat without its grin.

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