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If you're just beginning your whisky adventure this section is a good introduction to the conventional way of classifying whisky by region. However, the Society is a non-conformist in the world of whisky. Begun by a daring and eccentric bunch of maverick evangelists, they challenged accepted whisky wisdom and convention.

Single malt whisky can vary significantly from cask to cask (even casks from the same distillery that have lain side by side for the same number of years). It is this variation that the Society celebrates, as the casks selected by the Society's Tasting Panel often do not conform to usual regional whisky identities.

The Society selects casks from a vast number of whisky distilleries, 126 so far. Our Tasting Panel are experts in Scotch and world whiskies so their curious nature takes them to wherever fascinating new whiskies are distilled. To date the Society has selected casks from 119 Scotch whisky distilleries, the rest hail from Ireland and Japan.
The character of the individual single cask malt is described using a unique whisky tasting note; a compilation of flavours and aromas captured by the Tasting Panel and lovingly crafted into a description which entertains and inspires as well as informs.

Delve into our bottlings and read our rather curious tasting notes and descriptions to find out more about Society single cask, single malt whisky.

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Aberlour, Speyside Spey
Founded 1826, Active

First established on the site of a holy well dedicated to St Drostan (who became Archbishop of Canterbury in 1960).  
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